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Meet Lisa our Client relations manager

How long have you been working for DGC?

I started with DGC back in February 2010, when the total sum of staff was only four.

Why have you decided to do this job?

I had just come back from a very long OE, where I was a PA for a Chairman and CEO of Buckinghamshire Hospitals Trust (looking after 3 hospitals). I wanted an easy job as I had just taken 18 months off with maternity leave. DGC looked like a good option, it was close to home, small company, I breezed through my interview and remember being told that I would probably be bored in this small firm. Let me say, in the past ten years, I have never, ever been bored. There is always something happening that needs my attention.

What is your expertise?

My expertise for my job is my experience. I have always been a jack of all trades (nearly), and I bring this vast knowledge to my role.

What is essential in your job?

Knowledge. It is difficult to come into this role with no knowledge of HSNO but with the appropriate training and the amount of talent in the office, it can be picked up quite quickly. Being able to answer a client’s queries directly, rather than pass them off to another person makes all the difference to them.

What are your motivations?

My main motivation is organisation. Everything needs to be completed and done correctly, especially getting everything right for the client, which in turn means that when WorkSafe audits the client they should find everything present and correct.

What are the next steps for DGC?

To keep growing our business, both in client base and staff, to cover the extra work this will generate.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love reading, whether an actual book, a kindle or being read to on my commute (Auckland Library has a great selection of audio books). I love spending time with friends and family - when my family get together for our monthly dinners it can be quite a noisy affair - at the least there is 8 of us, sometimes 13 but can be more (especially at Christmas or big birthdays).


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