Meet Jana our Hazardous Substances Consultant

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

How long have you been working for DGC?

It's been almost 2 years now.

Why did you decide to do this job ?

What appealed me the most was the company culture and the variety – every client and every site is different.

Originally I started at DGC at the remedial/conditional desk which works with clients to collect the information which proves the sites are fully compliant and progressively made my way up to do the site inspections myself.

What is your expertise ?

I have a Masters degree in Japanese studies (very related to my job, I know!). Other than that I was just about to finish my bachelors degree in molecular biology, which unfortunately I did not complete as I took one year off to work & travel in NZ and six years later here I am!

What is essential in your job ?

Curiosity and people skills – in this field there’s a lot to learn, both onsite experience and studying the Regulations. Keeping up with change is essential.

And never stop asking questions!

Do you have an example of preventing and avoiding incidents?

Again, keep asking questions! Do not assume, if you are not sure or something doesn’t feel right, just ask someone more experienced or your supervisor. Do “give a damn”.

The other thing is to be present and focused.

What are some things you have found on an unsafe site?

The attitude! Once the location of DG's is correctly set up there are usually no changes that would make it a (substantial) risk. But some people think compliance is about ticking the boxes. Yes indeed, you need to tick those boxes to fully comply, but they are there for a reason. Behind each of them is a potential accident where someone could be hurt, or worse. The boxes can't change the attitude of the PCBU. If there’s a way to minimize or completely avoid the potential tragedy, not sure about you, but I’d always go for it.

What do you do in your spare time?

The gym! If I am not there, I am probably getting ready to go there or thinking about being there 😊 I do compete in bodybuilding shows (figure category). It’s not really a hobby, rather a lifestyle. Everything is being accounted for, not just the training, but the diet, enough sleep, rest days etc.


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