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What is a certified handler?

A certified handler is a person who has been qualified to handle specific hazardous substances. If toxic (class 6.1A and/or 6.1B) substance(s) are present in your workplace, you may require a certified handler.

Under the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, a certified handler is always required to be present or available at all times, where toxic (class 6.1A and/or 6.1B) substances are present.

A certified handler certificate is issued by an authorised compliance certifier and certifies a specific person for a particular life cycle (ie transport, storage, manufacture, use or disposal) for a certain hazardous substance.

To issue a certified handler certificate, a compliance certifier must meet the requirements under the HSWA Performance Standard 2019 which include requirements for the applicant to demonstrate knowledge in relation to:

  • Hazard classifications, properties and adverse effects

  • Legislative requirements

  • Safe handling procedures

  • Information, training and instruction

You can apply for a certified handler certification with Dangerous Good Compliance Limited.

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