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Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC)

Why is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) Required?

An ECOC is required when there is an ignition source within a Hazardous Area Atmosphere Zone. An ignition source could ignite the flammable vapour emitting from the use of storage of flammable liquids.

What is HAAZ?

It is an area where flammable vapour is present, or could be present as a result of the use or storage of flammable liquids at a location where containers are open, occasionally open, decanting, or mixed e.g. mixing benches, gun/parts wash, mixing room, spray booth, process equipment.

To learn more, check our blog posts about HAAZ:

Is there any other option other than obtaining an ECOC?

It depends on the situation and the type of hazardous area. For example, if there is a light fitting in a dangerous goods store and an ECOC is required then a site could elect to decommission the light fitting instead of obtaining an ECOC.

Where can I obtain an ECOC from?

An ECOC is to be issued from a registered and qualified Electrical Inspector.

Please see below a list of Electrical Inspectors:

Bruce Gosling: 021 621112 -

Roger McQuillian: 021 683429 -

Craig Prentice: 021 0311 322 -

Peter McMillian: 027 280 6044

How long is the ECOC valid?

The certificate is required to be re-verified every 4 years unless stated otherwise.


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