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Certified Handler with Steve McLellan

At Dangerous Goods Compliance we have a wealth of knowledge with regards to hazardous substances. Our senior certifier Steve Mclellan has 6 years of experience, with a specialisation in class 6 & 8. He has been leading our efforts with the changes in regulations for issuing a certified handler certification.

We had a quick word with Steve on his thoughts about certified handlers.

“The Certified Handler qualification is definitely different from all previous training requirements such as Approved Handlers. the first applications can be which can be challenging primarily due to the long list of requirements in the Regulations. However, just like Controlled Substance Licences or more commonly firearms licences which the background checks could be comparable to, it’s just a matter of working through the process.

"Yes the bar is higher because WorkSafe really wants to make this different. Once attained, the certfiication is a reflection and recognition of an applicant's skill and knowledge with the dangerous toxins that s/he may use daily.”


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