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What to do in a vehicle accident?

In 2018, 377 people died on New Zealand roads with many more injured. Many of these deaths and injuries were caused by excessive vehicle speed, fatigue, diverted attention and intake of alcohol/drugs.

While no one ever expects to be in a (vehicle) accident, the reality is that there is a chance it could happen to you as you do not have control over other drivers on the road.

Accidents are a serious concern for Dangerous Goods Compliance as our Certifiers spend most of their day on the road.

Driving Policy, which limits the amount of driving time, outlines key traffic and road legislation, and emphasizes the importance of regular vehicle maintenance.

When an accident happens, you might not be able to think logically if you are in a state of shock. To assist in this time, we have outlined a 6-step process for our staff members (outlined below) – this information is kept in all of our driver’s vehicles.


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