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Meet Guy our Corporate Development manager

Updated: Feb 12

Guy is one of the key people who helps the growth of DGC. Learn more about him.

What is your expertise/qualifications/degree?

I ended up qualifying with a Bachelor of Science (1st class hon) in Medicinal Chemistry from Auckland University. I tell everyone that this was basically ‘drug design’. It seems to gather more interest that way.

Since how long do you work for DGC?

Only four months, but it doesn’t really feel like it. I’m really enjoying the culture of the office and the direction the company is headed.

What is your motivation?

For work? My motivation is largely driven by the 750-900 occupational deaths that occur every year in NZ. I don’t think any one is talking about it, the public doesn’t know. I have been concerned working with hazardous substances in the past so it’s nice to be in a role where I can make a difference about something I understand.

What is essential in your job?

My role currently demands talking with a wide variety of people, so I think social skills are particularly important.

You’ve been on site; do you have any examples to prevent and avoid incidents in workplaces?

Yeah as I say, I’ve worked in sites that have hazardous materials. Education for me is the big one. I think there’s the classic Kiwi ‘she’ll be right’ attitude when it comes to handling chemicals. This is not the case.

What’s the next steps for DGC (company is growing)?

For DGC it’s about upskilling our growing staff to cope with the wide variety of sites that exist across New Zealand.

What do you do in your spare time?

A lot of socializing, whether that’s soccer/tennis, attempting to speak Spanish at night-class or checking out the latest and greatest bands on K road.