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We are moving !


DGC have moved from Mt Wellington over to Highbrook. This was to accommodate our increasing staff numbers including certifiers. We have moved to a fantastic A-Grade building. This has also impacted the well-being of the staff, having a marvelous view of the Tamaki River, One Tree Hill and in the distance the Sky Tower. There is a beautiful park to walk in at lunch time and many lunch options in the courtyard downstairs.

Excellent research has been done into the impact of office environments on people, their circadian rhythms, happiness and health. We are committed to our people and want them to work in environments which are conducive to their health. The ping pong table was the first new asset installed in the new premises.


We started the move mid-November and during the first week of December we made our final move across. For moving 20+ staff, we are very well organized now.


We are now based on Level 1, RSM House, 60 Highbrook Drive, Highbrook.

We will be changing to direct dial telephone numbers whilst keeping our main switchboard number, and also changing our PO Box address.


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